Our site services are based around the review and continual monitoring of the installation of drylining systems alongside the associated passive fire protection.


Our approach is design led and prior to our visit we will review and gain specific knowledge of the site requirements beyond the relevant building regulations, British standards and manufacturers recommendations/tested solutions.

Coordination – We can assist with coordination between various contractors which may impact upon the drylining package of works. This coordination can help pre-empt potential issues, minimise programme delay on remedial works etc.
Flexible and tailored - With site visit quantities and frequency to suit your programme, there’s no need to worry about wasted visits. We offer any rescheduling up to 24 hours in advance so that you get the best of our services as and when you need it.
Peace of mind – Totally unbiased service. We aim to get the best out of the installation team through positive reinforcement but with clear concise reporting. All members of the site team will be aware of the progress on a regular basis, any key issues will be raised instantly and where possible a remedial solution offered.
Documented - Following each visit a report document will be issued showing any defects discovered. The relevant site team members will receive immediate notification of any high risk elements and where possible we will offer advice while on site. A more detailed report will then follow within 2 working days.
Solved - Where required we shall endeavour to supply a suitable remedial solution or if required site specific design details in either sketched format or AutoCAD format.

We are fully trained in the use of various snagging software packages such as Fieldview, iSnag and SnagR software, and can use these during site checks if required.


J.Green Drylining Consultancy can also offer their own drylining specific snagging software should this software be required but not currently in use. Our software allows for easy online access for the whole project team.